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Taking the Leap: Step-by-step guide

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Leaping into a new venture is petrifying. These witty mind-hacks will help!

Taking the leap:

The initial leap is the hardest part of the journey for everything you do in life --

I was leaving a comfortable & stable job that gave me guarantees and certainties -- to go down a foggy path filled with uncertainties and ambiguities, but the idea of keeping family business alive and thriving deeply fulfilled & excited me, whereas the lifeless corporate desk deprived me of all my energy.

So I knew what my heart wanted.

But what about the real life unnerving consequences this leap entailed...

Many things went through my head, just like the anxieties, doubts, and fears that go through your head when you’re deciding if you should get started on something you’ve been wanting to do.

The way I understood and overcame my anxieties, doubts, and fears was through: Repeatedly visualizing the worst case scenario

**Visualize for yourself:

What’s the very worst possible situation you could end up -- if taken the leap.

As you repeatedly exposed yourself to this worst case scenario through visualization -- it will slowly become less scary, nerve-wracking, and more endurable.


Weeks before quitting my corporate job, I repeatedly visualized the worst possible scenario:

"My attempt to save family business fails. I end up jobless with a failed venture and nothing to show for. But, I’m still young as hell and can find another job and recontinue my career.

Then I at-least know that I fought for what I cherished and didn’t turn my back on it."

After weeks of contemplation & visualizing worst possible scenario: the anxieties, doubts, & fears had been significantly reduced to a point where I was mentally ready to accept the possible consequences & take the leap --

“F**k it, worst case scenario -- i’ll find a new job” -- and the decision was made.

I’m very against all the hype-inducing mentors/coaches out there trying to emotionally trigger you to “just quit your job today, you’ll become rich and carefree tomorrow”, while disregarding real life consequences that will ensue --

I encourage you to not “just do it” recklessly or blindly with hyped up emotions, but to “just do it” sensibly with practicality.

2 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Would starting this particular venture give you happiness and what you really want deep down?

  1. Is the worst possible scenario something you can live with and has a solution for?

Once you’ve truly answered these 2 questions -- you would have decided to leap or not to leap.

Starting from scratch:

**Many of you had asked where & how I learned and successfully deployed digital marketing without knowing anything about it.

Spoiler: I spent exactly $0 on knowledge & information about digital marketing.

I learned everything from:

1. Google - Everytime I didn’t know something I would spend hours upon hours googling. Forming questions in different ways until I found what I needed.

I started broad with my google researching: “how to use digital marketing for your business” --

then narrow down on the different focused topics:

“Website & landing page design that drives sales”

“How automation integration improves your business”

“Best payment gateways to use for businesses”

With each search, I became more knowledgeable about digital marketing --

Whatever valuable knowledge those fancy ecourses claim to offer -- could be found through google searches and independent thinking -- meaning you really need to think for yourself since these knowledge aren’t fed to you in a streamlined & structured fashion. However, the mentality you’ll cultivate from this style of learning is gonna benefit you so much more down the road -- because it will develop your confidence & ability to navigate through ambiguities.

2. Articles/forums/posts/comments - I skimmed through thousands upon thousands of marketing related reddit posts/comments (comments often offer great info). Every piece of information I read, I went through the process of: jogging down all the relevant information that I might need for the future, while filtering out the irrelevant ones.

3. Forming my own strategies/tactics - I went back to the relevant but “raw” ideas I gathered from different places, and expanded on them with my own ideas.

I mean like REALLY expanded on them. I would have intense brainstorm sessions where I locked myself in my room and verbally bounce these “raw” ideas to myself OUT-LOUD (sounds crazy, I know), and imagined all the different scenarios I could execute with them and really let my creativity flow --

I find that taking "raw" ideas from a foreign source to be almost impossible to use and execute upon.

So, I must convert these potentially useful "raw" ideas to my own ideas — that I take complete ownership of, through this pretty intense process. Jaw-dropping scenes where I was the sole entreprenur that’s taking up majority of jfnfyrjhdhfnd

It is through this process that I use “raw” and “foreign” information to create my own actionable ideas — that I can execute on with full confidence & conviction for success.

Execution and experimentation (the funnest part, atleast for me) - Took newly created actionable ideas from the previous step and implemented them. This part is all about action and speed.

Implemented one idea and they don't work? Keep your chin up, because a version of that idea will work, if not the other 1000 million ideas will work.

When ideas and strategies worked, I reverse engineer the process of getting them to work, break them down into steps, methods, and underlying principles — tuck them into my arsenal — to use for the future.

Don’t stop pushing buttons

Success = 90% mentality & willpower to persevere (cliche but true)

I was able to do what I did -- not because I’m extraordinarily smart and crafted an infallible plan OR waited for the PERFECT moment where every star was in a perfect alignment for me to succeed.

I was able to do what I did -- because I jump-started a roughly crafted plan & carried out a series of explosive actions -- and made adjustments on the fly when a mistake was made.

For those of you who still hasn’t start that one thing you been meaning to start -- for whatever reason:

Start today with what you have.

Here’s the mindhack that pushed me to always take action, no matter how bleak my situation is:

I imagine myself standing in front of the control panel of a spaceship. The pilot of the spaceship has vanished into thin air and I’m the only person aboard. I don’t know sh!t about piloting a spaceship. The spaceship is in the process of landing and requires 1 last manual action to successfully land. I see 100 different buttons in front of me, what do I do?

I keep pushing buttons until something works.

For those of you that keeps complaining how:

You’re under-resourced, under-privileged, don't have enough guidance or experience, or there was a background for it.

Or whatever kind of excuse you manage to come up with -- to justify your lack of will power to start and persevere through hardship.

I did it through pure grit & perseverance

Design with Ease

"My attempt to save family business fails. I end up jobless with a failed venture and nothing to show for. But, I’m still young as hell and can find another job and recontinue my career.
Then I at-least know that I fought for what I cherished and didn’t turn my back on it."

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